Design of audiovisual media content; Production of audiovisual media content; Videos, photos, radio and TV; Locally and abroad;  

Since 2004, our agency has ensured the design and production of audiovisual media content: videos, photos, radio and TV – both locally and abroad.


Les Reines des Belges

Ce 20 janvier 2023, à l'occasion des 50 ans de Mathilde,

La Une diffuse en prime time les 2 documentaires

produits et réalisés par LDV Production

sur Les Reines des Belges.

Design, conception, content, production
of all types of
corporate and commercial audiovisual supports.

LDV Production is fully flexible: we can rapidly meet your requirements according to your budget, and ensure cutting-edge audiovisual quality and expertise.

Need a corporate or commercial video?

Immortalise your company's corporate events such as seminars, testimonials, staff evenings, podcasts or webinars. LDV Production can be on location rapidly, handle the video shoot and editing. Create a video that speaks to the emotions.


Need a national or local radio campaign?

In Belgium, radio is THE medium for communication and information. LDV Production's sound studio can develop your radio campaign in no time. Our copywriters and sound engineers are at hand to give your brand or service a sonic identity that packs a punch.


Need a compositing or graphic animation video?

Videos with a personalised look are the way to go. LDV Production offers a wide variety of animation styles with high-quality images.


Need a new, strong graphic identity?

Our creative experts meet your requirements with a top-quality, tailored approach. Our software and experience ensure graphic identities that are truly differentiating and unique in style.

Need a TV presence?

We produce programmes for Belgian national television (RTBF):
documentaries, short programmes and advertisements. Our dedicated team works with television and institutional partners to offer a variety of programmes.


Need aerial shootings?

Our team has certified drone pilots.
Thanks to them and our advanced equipment, we can capture breathtaking images for your projects, from the simplest to the most ambitious.


Need some packshots for your products?

Our photographers are able to magnificent your packshots. LDV Production has a dedicated studio for this.


Video allows us to tell the great stories of our customers,
rather than our own.

Bo Dietrick

Online video is the Swiss army knife of internet marketing.
Whether it’s customer service, marketing, or even recruitment.

Mark Robertson

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make,
but the stories you tell.

Seth Godin

Our team of experts

Directors • Cameramen • Photographers • Sound engineers

Drone flight specialists

Editors • Developers

Specialists in compositing, graphic animation, art working

Designers • Graphic artists • Creators • Story boarders • Copywriters

Project & communication managers

Our Cases

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Commercial Video Branding

Commercial video


Commercial Video Website Trafic Generation

Commercial video

Website trafic generation

Commercial Radio Activation

Commercial radio


Commercial Radio Trafic Event

Commercial radio

Trafic event

Radio Show Broadcast Series

Radio show

Broadcasted series

Commercial video Graphic Design

Commercial video - graphic design

Branding & content

Commercial video Graphic Design

Commercial video - graphic design

Branding & content

Commercial video Graphic Design

TV presence


TV presence Documentary

TV presence


Aerial Shooting Drone Images

Aerial shooting

Drone images

Our Clients

CIT Blaton
Hello bank!
VO Event
be Brussels
Brussels CRU
Wallonie Belgique Tourisme
Le Brabant Wallon

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